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Parsley Leaf


Parsley Leaf

Generational “Tabikh” Recepies

From Our House to Yours!




Below items require minimum order and 24 to 72 hour notice


Stuffed Grape Leaves ( Warak Inab )

Hand stuffed and rolled with rice, ground beef & spices cooked

on a bed of top sirloin steak & whole garlic.


Stuffed Cabbage ( Malfouf )

Fresh Cabbage hand rolled and filled with rice, ground beef & spices,

topped with sautéed garlic, dried mint & lemon juice, or vegetarian.


Okra Stew ( Bamieh )

Cooked with tomatos, cilantro, garlic, pomegranate juice,

lemon & spices, or add beef cubes with extra charge.



Medley of sautéed vegetables and fried eggplants in red sauce.


Cut Green Beans

Fresh green beans cut and sauteed with tomatos, onions, oil & spices.


Baked Cauliflower

Fresh cauliflower baked & topped with tahini sauce & fresh parsley.

Roast with Vegetables ( Rosto )

Baked tri-tip roast, sliced & garnished with potatoes, carrots &

topped with basting sauce.


Kibbeh Nayyeh* ( Lebanese Delicacy )

Minced raw beef mixed with fine bulgar and spices.


Kibbeh Mishwiyyeh

Bulgar and meat shells stuffed with ground beef, onions

& spices, grilled on open fire.


Kibbeh Saniyeh ( Baked Kibbeh )

Bulgar and ground beef mixed with onions, spices and pine nuts.



Seasoned rice mixed with seasoned ground beef, topped with roasted almonds.

Comes with your choice of Chicken, Beef or Lamb. (Price varies)


Freekeh ( The Super Grain )

Freekeh grains, cooked and topped with roasted almonds, comes

with your choice of Chicken, Beef or Lamb. (Price varies)


Kafta with Potatoes Bel-Saniyeh

Kefta patties topped with potatoes, tomato in a tomato broth.


Leg of Lamb with Vegetables

Marinated, baked and garnished with potatoes and carrots, topped with

basting sauce and spices; comes with a side of rice.


Whole Lamb

Marinated and baked whole lamb, stuffed with rice and seasoned ground beef.

( Stuffed with grape leaves for extra charge )


Baked Salmon Fillet

Marinated with cilantro, garlic, walnuts, oil and lemon.

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, may increase the risk of food borne illness.

Parsley Leaf
Parsley Leaf
Parsley Leaf
Parsley Leaf
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